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Comparison of the Major Worldviews now operating in the West

Mike Cordner, Director Emeritus, The Pillar Foundation



"a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies"


The Deadliest Socialist Dictators

Mao Zedon, China:  In his first five years, he indiscriminately sentenced 4 to 6  million to death. His policies also starved about 20 million and had numberous enemies executed. 

Adolf Hitler, Germany:  Responsible for the deaths of over 17 million people including 6 million Jews.

Leopold II, Beligium:  Responsible for enslaving and killing nearly 15 million Congolese under the guise of his Congo Free StaSte.

Josef Stalin, Soviet Union:  Starved nearly 10 million people.  He also launched the great Purge, killing every person who opposed him.

Che Guevara, Cuba:  His name is often equated with rebellion, revolution, and socialism.  Murdered over 500 people in Cuban prison without trial.


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